Rahul Gandhi

I tried to use lekhini today, to post this content but I couldnt do it.. I have experienced some trouble in opening And since I am technically challenged, I couldnt find an immediate solution / alternative to type my content in Telugu. So please bear with me.

I am amused to read the recent stories about Rahul Gandhi... that he rejects to be a minister in the current cabinet reshuffle. I also read that Rahul stated that 'since he is born into a rich family, he doesnt know what poverty is like.. and that he wants the experience it first hand'!!

Alas.. he tried to stay with a dalit family in Amethi during one of his campaigns. But his staff had ofcourse arranged all kinds of mosquito repellants at his servise.. and made his stay a pleasant one.

I suppose he didnt have much to see and experience during his trials and tribulations to experience poverty. Had he spent one open night with mosquitos, he would have experienced what it would like to be poor and uncatered for.

Unfortunately, the young leader doesnt even seem to have a vision for himself. Or Does He ? I have no idea.


bojja.vasu said...

తెలుగులో వ్రాసేదానికి ఇంకో మంచి ఆన్ లైన్ సైట్ గూగుల్ వారి( ఇంక స్వేచ్చ.ఆర్గ్,తెలుగు వికీపీడియా( ఇంక బరాహ కూడా ఉన్నాయి ప్రయత్నించండి. ...వాసు.బి

sujata said...

చాల థాంక్స్ వాసు గారు. ఇది మీరు గూగుల్ లో రాస్తున్నా. చాలా ఈజీ గా వుంది. థాంక్స్ ఎ లాట్.